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As the most comprehensive organization for college and university orchestra directors, CODA is dedicated to advancing the art of live symphonic music. CODA initiatives are an important tool to reach across boundaries and connect with other disciplines and cultures.


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CODA, founded only a decade ago by a small group of dedicated conductors, has become an important resource for more than 300 members in 41 U.S. states and across the globe. Learn who we are, where we came from, and where we are going in About.

Message from President


If you’re a new member, Welcome! If you are a continuing member, Hello Again! It’s a pleasure to be part of this wonderful organization. Since 2003 CODA has increased its capacity to be a resource for the college orchestra conductor. Regardless of institutional size, whether a small college or large university, we share very similar work and indeed, challenges. What began as a handful now has become nearly two hundred like-minded colleagues spread all across the country, and even internationally. We are connected by our work and shared concerns, and over the last 13 years also by the relationships and friendships we have forged through CODA.

Membership in CODA allows you access to the repository of publications, research, and libraries that are unmatched anywhere else. We have resources that include an extensive bowing library, guest conducting lists, and program notes. By joining CODA you have surrounded yourself with artist-educators who can assist, inspire and advise you. You will also have immediate access to our listserv for questions about missing parts, recruiting, navigating tenure, funding your program, and more.

Example of CODA initiatives are the ongoing conducting collaborations in South America with Ibermusicas, and our new opportunities for research in the Library of Congress, highlighted at the more recent conference in Washington D.C. We are refining and expanding our capacity to assist and support the work we share.

National conferences are always the highlight of the year, and next year’s promises to be another outstanding opportunity to network, learn, and share. We’ll be convening for the first time on the West coast, in Los Angeles. Hosted by Dr. Stephen Tucker, at UC Irvine, we have many memorable events already planned. I warmly invite you to attend.

Best wishes in your work, and I look forward to another great CODA year.


Kory Katseanes, CODA President

Director of Orchestras, Brigham Young University






University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA