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Tours—both regional and international—have become part and parcel of the collegiate orchestra program. In today’s competitive recruiting environment, orchestra programs are expected to travel in order to attract and retain the best students. As college costs rise, however, so does travel costs-- and the college orchestra director often feels the pressure to provide a service to students and to the university that is difficult to attain. Here, you'll find advice from members and from a professional tour company that you'll be able to contact directly for help. Bon voyage!

Using a Tour Company

Advice from Members-

From Kevin Bartram (University of Mary Washington):



Advice from the Pros: World Cultural Tours

We often get asked what the best destination for an orchestra group is. While it is difficult to name any of them as the best, we have found that there are three destinations that are most popular with orchestras: Ireland, Italy and Central Europe.


Do it Yourself Advice

Steve Heyde (Baylor):

I have toured internationally with the Baylor Symphony twice, in 2004 to Costa Rica and in 2010 to Belgium. Both times we handle the logistics ourselves. Using a tour company or another source would have been much easier but also much more expensive. Consequently,…