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Repertoire for College Orchestras by Contemporary and Women Composers

The 2018 CODA Repertoire Survey queried members about their top choices for contemporary (post-1960) repertoire and repertoire composed by women that is appropriate for college orchestra based on three categories of program size: Small, Medium, and Large.  Therefore, this data should be applicable to any and all college orchestra programs, regardless of size or ability. 

Below you will find spreadsheets of all the repertoire suggested in the 2018 survey, including comments by CODA conductors regarding the technical challenges and overall impressions of each piece:

Repertoire Committee Presentation

The CODA Repertoire Committee (Joel Neves, Chaowen Ting, Patrick Reynolds, Hannes Dietrich, Paul Luongo, Delvyn Case, David Tedford) gave a presentation at the 2019 Boston conference summarizing their findings from the 2018 CODA Repertoire Survey.  The committee recommended six (6) pieces, from the from among the repertoire submitted, that are of particularly high quality and accessibility.

The committee has also created a list of recommended works, from among the repertoire submitted through the 2018 CODA Survey, with audio and video performances as well as CODA conductor comments about each piece.