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Fundraising and Outreach

Welcome to CODA’s comprehensive site for community building! Content for this page comes from both CODA members and from professional orchestras worldwide- all in the areas of community relationships and fundraising. We hope that these pages will give you the tools you need to successfully build your programs.


CODA members are supported by their institutions, but with increasingly tight budgets, fundraising is becoming more of an issue for all of us. If you are dedicated to bringing more funding to your program, we will post insights and links to help you. You are encouraged to send your great ideas in also!View

Outreach & Audience Building

Welcome to CODA’s Outreach and Audience Building resource page. Here you’ll find member tips and research that will address how to: Raise Your Community Profile, Develop Unique Partnerships, Build Your Audience, Establish Unique Partnerships, Utilize Technology for Audience Building​​.View


Tours—both regional and international—have become part and parcel of the collegiate orchestra program. In today’s competitive recruiting environment, orchestra programs are expected to travel in order to attract and retain the best students. As college costs rise, however, so does travel costs– and the college orchestra director…