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COVID19 Ad Hoc Committee

CODA Large Ensemble Statement

During this unprecedented time in which the routine of our daily lives has been so drastically changed, many activities on college campuses have been curtailed because of the threat to public health. This will pass; our scientific community is working at an extraordinary pace to find a treatment and a vaccine. Our country will get back to a “new normal” and our campuses will welcome back students and faculty. This may happen as soon as August or it may take a bit longer. Either way, CODA joins its colleagues in CBDNA, ACDA, NCCO, NBA, and NAfME in the belief that large ensembles, specifically orchestras, at colleges/universities of all sizes provide an “invaluable and irreplaceable experience.” It is essential that our “new normal” include large ensembles as they provide space for innovation, critical thinking, exploration of diversity and creativity. University/College orchestras provide the only training opportunity for students seeking to become professional orchestral musicians. Additionally, large ensembles provide students/community members an opportunity to be a part of something greater than themselves and in many cases act as the foundation for community outreach, university/department recruiting and alumni engagement. Large ensembles participate in the greater university by providing music for graduation activities, athletics, and special ceremonies; they also provide students the opportunity to travel and they create outreach opportunities. The membership of CODA is dedicated to finding creative solutions to bridge our instruction from on-line delivery to in-class instruction. To that end, CODA has organized an ad hoc committee within its membership to seek out creative ideas and solutions for the next academic year. This information will readily be available on the CODA website in July. Believing in the power of science, CODA has joined two coalitions supporting aerosol studies which will provide guidelines for safe, back to campus, ensemble rehearsals and performances. Music has been an essential part of every culture – orchestras and other large ensembles are an integral part of music on college/university campuses nationwide and therefore are essential components of the university/college experience as we move to a post pandemic “new normal.”

COVID-19 Response Report
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CODA COVID 19 Ad Hoc Committee

Larry Spell (chair) – Salt Lake Community College, University of Utah
Chris Dobbins (Secretary) – Washington and Lee University
Heather Buchman – Hamilton College
Thomas Dickey – Oklahoma State University
Jonathan Hirsch – Smith College
Chris Kim – Cornell University
Louis Menchaca – Concordia University-Wisconsin
John Nardolillo – University of Kentucky
David Tedford – Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Carolyn Watson – University of Kansas
Anna Wittstruck – University of Puget Sound